Classes for 11-18 years old

Languages offered: Russian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian, French and Spanish

The highest level (from 11 to 18 years) – Improving communication skills of speech, writing and reading skills. Preparation for the exam at GCSE and A- Level.

Programmes are adapted to the real environment such as living in this country, bilingualism of pupils, a limited number of hours in a subject, a level of pupils’ training and are used in the Highest Stage.

Topics of subjects, planning and programmes on each subject have been developed by the teachers of our school. This school year we are working using author’s programmes of Israeli colleagues and textbooks on the Russian language and literature.

Children in a Lithuanian group are taught using special programmes and text books developed by specialists of the Vilnius University.

Children in Ukrainian language group are taught using special program and text books developed by specialists of the Kiev University.

Children in French and Spanish groups are taught using special programs developed by teachers.