A supplementary education school is a unique model of society that has a clear distribution of all management functions. There is a public organisation in our school which members are elected by voting for a certain term. We have parents’ committee as an element of management.

Parents who take an active part in school’s life are voted into the Committee.

Chair: Hulkar Mamayousupova

Committee’s members: Liya Baldry ,  Natasha Sigal

The competency of the Parents’ Committee includes :

Facilitation of optimal conditions for organizing educational process

Provision of information and advice amongst parents of students with regards to their rights and responsibilities.

Sharing better practices in family education

Facilitation of health and fitness, cultural and other events.

Engagement with public organisations regarding promotion of traditions of the educational institution;

The members of the parents’ committee are selected at the parents meeting (hereinafter referred to as “general assembly”) of the educational institution from parents’ representatives (one from each class) at the beginning of a school year for a one year term.

The Head of the educational establishment can take part in co-ordination of work of the    Parents’ Committee.

The Parents’ Committee elects a Chair from its members at the first session.

Deputy Chair and Secretary may be elected depending on the numbers of the Parents’ Committee  .

  1.  Work of the Parents’ Committee is carried out according to a developed plan approved by the Head of the educational establishment.
  2.  The Parents’ Committee reports its work to a general assembly at least twice a year.
  3.  The Parents’ Committee holds an authority to make decisions at the meeting provided that at least half of its members are present. Decisions are made by majority of votes.

If there is an equal split the Head has a final vote.

  1.  Members of the Parents’ Committee carry out their responsibilities on a pro-bono basis.
  2.  The Parents’ Committee sessions are held twice in a half year term in accordance with work schedule.
  3.  Agenda discussions at the Parents’ Committee sessions are recorded in its minutes together with proposals and remarks of its members, results of voting and a relevant decision. Each minutes are signed by the Chair and Secretary.
  4.  The Parents’ Committee may call for a General Assembly to discuss most important questions and make a decision. It is mandatory for the Head of the educational establishment and teachers to be present at the General Assembly.
  5.  Decisions of the Parents’ Committee are forwarded to the Head of the educational establishment.
  6.  Decisions of the Parents’ Committee are advisory.