Lithuanian classes

Every Sunday we have three hour Lithuanian lessons, where we learn a Lithuanian alphabet, joining letters and making words and sentences. Some children begin reading small stories and of course we learn to sing Lithuanian songs and read poems. If necessary l prepare individual work for every single child because some children need extra work to help them to tackle their weaknesses. We play games which help children to memorise more Lithuanian words and teach them harder words to use in conversations when they talk about themselves and tell stories about their families or holidays. We have our targets in a classroom and we are trying to reach them; we are happy with the results which the children have achieved. Parents and me work hard together to help the children. At the moment we are focusing on teaching good manners as we believe polite and respectful children are important. So parents teach them good manners to use at home and I teach them with examples and stories in school.  We all believe that teaching children from a young age will make us proud of them and will achieve our targets.