Our history

The school opened its doors  in September 23, 2007 in Ipswich at  CSV Media Clubhouse. The first students of the school included 35 children aged 3 to 16. Beautiful school building was located near the city centre, where you could easily reach any part of the city and provided an easy access for students from other towns.

Our school is run by the charity “East Anglian Russian and International Cultural Society”. The organiser and the first Director of the school has become Galina Oya.

The school aim is to create an atmosphere of dialogue in Russian and other Eastern European languages, to create a natural environment for communication, information sharing. We want our school to play a vital role in overcoming the gap between various cultures that would allow our graduates to achieve success in various areas of life.

since 2012 the school is located at:

Castle Hill Community Centre
Highfield Road

We also have a branch in Colchester:

Willson Marriage Centre
Barrack Street