Classes for 5-7 years old

Languages offered: Russian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian, French, Spanish

The initial stage (from 5 to 7 years old) – in two directions: the Russian language as native and Russian as a foreign language (depending on enrolment). 3 hour sessions on the development of speech, reading, writing, Russian culture.

Our Initial Stage works according to the new educational methodical complex in the Russian language and includes development of speech, writing and reading skills. It has been developed by leading specialists of the University of People’s Friendship and the Institute of the Russian Language and aims at bilingual children from Russian speaking families, permanently residing abroad. This educational complex is intended for children from year 1 to year 4 of the primary school.

Our programmes are adapted to real possibilities and abilities of our pupils whereas our methodical techniques and approaches are keyed to optimal usage of study time. In order to cover material in each separate class within 38 sessions we use most modern methods of teaching learning material in blocks, supportive notes, interactive activities and take into account pupils’ individual characteristics. The school runs the systems of adaptive sessions for those who need additional support (pupils from English families who do not speak any Russian). Those children who cannot read and write in Russian can start in an adaptation group and then enrol in a relevant class according to their age and attainment level.

Children in a Lithuanian group are taught using special programmes and text books developed by specialists of the Vilnius University.

Children in Ukrainian language group are taught using special program and text books developed by specialists of the Kiev University.

Children in French and Spanish groups are taught using special programs developed by teachers.

Our pupils are offered:
A standard set of subjects for a weekend school – writing, reading, speech development, basics of cultural studies.